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Based on the web series by Director Tony E. Valenzuela

Deep within the forest of Silverwood, California a dark force is working to open the door between dimensions—bad news for a Boy Scout troop and employees on a company retreat nearby. Learn More
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Love Horror? Don't Miss Exquisite Corpse.


Some of today's best horror authors come together to give you a uniquely terrifying experience.


an image of scary hands reaching out from behind a sheet of glass


In partnership with Dread Central, follow our own take on Exquisite Corpse, with stories from: Cassandra Khaw, Paul Cornell, Brian Keene, Sisters of Slaughter, Christopher Golden, Richard Chizmar, Paul Tremblay, Stephen Kozeniewski, Nick Mamatas, and Alyssa Wong.

We will be releasing one installment per hour over the course of a single day. Read or listen to each one for FREE on Serial Box's site or iOS app.



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