What is Serial Box?

Serialized fiction released in episodes week after week.

Serial Box brings everything that’s awesome about TV (easily digestible episodes, team written, new content every week) to what was already cool about books (well-crafted stories, talented authors, enjoyable anywhere).

Like TV, we release a new episode of our serials every week and serials typically run for seasons of 10-16 weeks. Easy to pick up, episodes are enjoyable on their own but build over the course of the season to tell a bigger story. Each episode is available in ebook and audio and takes about 40 minutes to enjoy.

How do I Subscribe

Pick a serial and click subscribe!

  • Subscribe to False Idols, Tremontaine, ReMade, 1776, The Witch Who Came In From the Cold, and Bookburners!
  • Serial subscribers get a special discounted rate of $1.59 for both the text and audio versions of all new episodes.
  • Subscribers can access their episodes via our iOS app, here on the site, or download them to the device of their choice from their ‘My Library’ account page.
    Learn more about how Subscriptions work in our FAQ.

Or buy the whole season at once with a season pass.

  • If you'd rather pay upfront for the whole season, you can purchase all episodes in a single season at a discounted rate. All released episodes are immediately added to your library, and new episodes are added when they are released.
  • Already tried an episode and know you're hooked? We automatically adjust the price of a season pass based on the number of episodes you already own, so you can complete your season at any time.

Only want one episode for now?
We've got you covered.

  • Individual episodes can be purchased, DRM free, at any time from our site or through our app. For $1.99 you get access to both the text and the audio versions.
  • You can also find our serials anywhere ebooks are sold. (Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, B&N, Kobo.)

Okay, serialized fiction isn't an entirely new concept.

Charles Dickens published some of his earliest work in serial in 1800s.

How is it written?

Talented and award-winning writers collaborate on each season.

Just like your favorite television shows, a team of writers gets together to collaboratively create the entire story, from plot lines to character arcs. Individual episodes are then written by the various authors, each bringing their unique voice and expertise to the finished product. Our lead writers, showrunners and editors oversee the writers room and the episodes that make it on to your small screens.


Average length of
a "1-hour" drama


Average time to read a Serial Box episode


What if I want more?

Check out our blog,
the Back of the Box

It has tons of insider info, as well as guest articles, reviews, Q&As, and much more! See what the writers were thinking by reading their notes on each episode; get a backstage look at how it all comes together in interviews with the authors, editors, artists, and producers; send in your questions, and discuss the latest episode with other readers. Who knows, your questions and comments might even change the course of the series!

We will also be talking about TV, writing, podcasts, unicorns—whatever strikes our fancy. Come join the conversation!

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Max Gladstone, Margaret Dunlap, Mur Lafferty, Brian Francis Slattery, and more…

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