Your GIF Guide to the Clone Club Sestras of ORPHAN BLACK

PSST! Now is the perfect time to re-watch the show before The Next Chapter launches on September 12. Watch the ENTIRE thing (😱) on BBC America.For five seasons we watched the sublime Tatiana Maslany transform herself into our favorite clones on the BBC’s Orphan Black. Not only was the plot incredibly addicting, but the depths of the characters pulled us in and took us along for the ride. Even though Orphan Black reached its television finale in 2017, it's coming back THIS SUMMER with the official NEXT CHAPTER from Serial Box! The wry Sarah, fierce Helena, strait-laced Alison, clever Cosima and hilarious Felix made so many memorable moments that got us in THE FEELS. Get ready for the new series with this guide to the Sestras with some of their best quotes from the show, and let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorites!

Sarah Manning

Last to know she is a clone, the born outsider is a natural chameleon who’s able to adapt to any new situation she faces. - via BBC America“It’s every freak for herself.”

via GIPHY"Meathead."



Sarah’s identical twin estranged at birth and raised by nuns in an oppressive and harsh Ukrainian convent, is feral, aggressive and quick to anger. - via BBC America“Sestra.”

via GIPHY“You should not threaten babies.”

via GIPHY“Do I look like I’m trying to be funny?”


Alison Hendrix

Alison is a soccer mom that married young and sought out domesticity, wife to Donnie Hendrix, and an adoptive mother - via BBC America“Oh, fudge!”

via GIPHY“Holy freaking Christmas cake!”

via GIPHY“Holy fish sticks!”

via Gfycat“I just wanted to say: ‘Eff this.’ ‘Eff you.’ And I effed it.”

"I can’t go to jail, Felix. I don’t have the temperament. In the shower, if they touch me, I will cut them.”

Cosima Niehaus

Cosima is the cosmic geek who helps her clone sisters make sense of the science behind their existence. - via BBC America“You just broke the first rule of Clone Club.”

“My sexuality’s not the most interesting thing about me.”

via GIPHY“Look, I’m not going to apologize for my heart, okay?”

“‘Stick to the science?’ What am I, the geek monkey, now?”

“As a lesbian...supporter...”

Felix Dawkins (aka "brother-sestra")

Felix Dawkins is Sarah’s younger foster brother and most trusted confidante. - via BBC America“Helena? Did you burn down the fish people’s ranch?”

via Bustle“Well, this has taken years off my life.”

via Pinimg“Holy Tilda Swinton!”

via Bustle“Oh my Lord, that really takes the sting out of being framed for murder.”

via Tumblr"It’s taught me that we are all mysterious works of chance, of choice, of nature versus nurture. So to my galaxy of women… Thank you for the nurture.”

via Tumblr

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