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TremonTEAM 4

Welcome to TremonTEAM - We're delighted to have you aboard. From the posh settees of the Hill to the grimy cobbles of Riverside – this season of Tremontaine promises to be a wild ride, and we are so glad you are joining us for it!

Here is how TremonTEAM will work – but as with chocolate and love: enjoying oneself is the most important part. If you feel uncomfortable, confused, or unsure at any time, please email us, and we’d be happy to help.

- Throughout the season your efforts in TremonTEAM will garner you points that will be converted into online raffle tickets for special prizes.

- Once a week you will receive a challenge by email from the desk of Diane, Duchess Tremontaine herself. All challenges are optional and entirely open to creative interpretation.

- Points will be awarded for:

We will be giving out small prizes throughout the season, with bigger prizes awarded upon the season’s conclusion in January, 2017.

You will be able to track your points (and see how your TEAMates are faring) via a shared google doc - link to come. The more points, the more likely you are to win!

And just what are those prizes, again? Glad you asked! Here is a partial list – but we have some surprises up our sleeves…

Week 1 Challenges (September 1 - September 8)

Challenge 1: Create a post about your favorite character. Please note you can blog about anyone in the Riverside world, but only favorite characters from the Tremontaine work will be given points.

Challenge 2: Make an image of something that gives you Riverside feels. This can be a photo you take, or a photo manipulation from the internet, or a collection of photos in an aesthetic post (examples here and here)

Week 2 Challenges (September 8 - September 19)

Challenge 1: Complete a blog post/long form post about the first episode

Challenge 2: Create a visual depiction of a moment/character/setting from the first episode. This can be a photo, a collage, a drawing, or anything you’d like.

Week 3 Challenges (September 19 - September 26)

Challenge 1: Complete a blog/longform post, describing your favorite Tremontaine setting.

Challenge 2: Get creative! Create a real estate ad or air B&B post for any setting from Tremontaine.

Week 4 Challenges (September 26 - October 3)

Challenge 1: create a longform blog post about the way a character's personality is reflected in their wardrobe

Challenge 2: create a collage outfit for any character. Be bold! Feel free to turn them into a modern version. Polyvore is a great site for doing this. If you need inspiration, check out these found on Pinterest!

Week 5 Challenges (October 3 - October 10)

Challenge 1: Create a blog post/long-form text post about how you discovered Tremontaine. Did you stumble upon it? Was it recommended to you by a friend? We want to know!

Challenge 2: Pick a favorite line of dialogue or quote from Tremontaine, and create an image using it.

Week 6 Challenges (October 10 - October 17)

Challenge 1: Design your ideal cast for a movie of Tremontaine! (feel free to include Season 2 Characters.) Please include at least three characters. An example (although please note this must have Tremontaine characters,) can be found here.

Challenge 2: Write a blog post (or create an image set!) about who would you be in Tremontaine. Imagine yourself on the streets - are you a swordswoman in Riverside? A merchant at the docks? A socialite plotting over chocolate? Imagine yourself larger than life and let us know! An example can be found here.

Week 7 Challenges (October 17 - October 24)

Challenge 1: Share your Season 2 Episode 1 love! Make a blog post! Draw fanart! Create a tumblr post! Anything you wish to celebrate it.

Challenge 2: What is something from Tremontaine or the world of Riverside you want to know more about? Was there a character mentioned once that you'd love to see in the spotlight? A forgotten pub you'd like to eat another tomato pie in? What so intrigued you?

Week 8 Challenges (October 24 - October 31)

Challenge 1: Anything relating to Season 2 Episode 2 love! Make a blog post! Draw fanart! Create a tumblr post!

Challenge 2: Shipping! Here, you have freedom to discuss anything relating to relationships found within Tremontaine (you can reference the rest of the world of the books, but try to keep the main focus on Tremontaine ships--even ones that are only in your head ;)

Week 9 Challenges (October 31 - November 7)

Challenge 1: Share your love for Episode 3! Anything can apply here: a photoset, a quote you love, a blog post.

Challenge 2: Write a post (or a tumblr blog) about how you and the character of your choice would spend a day. Try to keep it PG. ;) Would you take Vincent to the movies so he could critique the lightsaber skills of Kylo Ren? Would you teach Kaab how to make chocolate cupcakes? Be creative!

Week 10 Challenges (November 7 - November 14)

Challenge 1: Who is the hero of last season? Or, who do you think will be this season's hero. Write a blog/tumblr post with your thoughts

Challenge 2: Make a playlist! (any site works. We recommend 8tracks or Spotify. An example playlist can be found here, for our Whitehall serial

Week 11 Challenges (November 14 - November 28

Challenge 1: Create an AU (that's Alternate Universe)! Have you ever wondered what Tremontaine would be like... IN SPACE? Or what if Kaab was an actual detective and Tess was her Watson? Thiss can be visual or text, and have fun with it. For an example, see this one, done for Swordspoint (please ensure yours is for Tremontaine for points :)

Challenge 2: What is a moment within the Tremontaine tale that took you by surprise? Was it finding out something about a character you knew from Swordspoint? A romantic entanglement? Blog about it!

Week 12 Challenges (November 28 - December 5)

Challenge 1: Things are heating up in this Season! What are your thoughts so far? Any surprising events? Create a blog post or image post about your Season 2 journey

Challenge 2: What might the holidays (pick any holiday!) look like for the characters of Tremontaine? Would Diane send passive aggressive gifts to her less-than-favorite friends? Would Micah invent a Turnip Turkey? Have fun with this one!

Week 13 Challenges (December 5 - December 12)

Challenge 1: Stories come from character's choices. Blog about one such choice. Was it right? Wrong? OR Blog about what COULD have happened if one character chose differently.

Challenge 2: What book or movie would a TREMONTAINE character enjoy? Feel free to use pictures or words for this challenge.

Week 14 Challenges (December 12 - December 19)

Challenge 1: Sit down and have a friendly cup of chocolate with one character. What do you ask them about? What do you lecture them on? Or do you merely swoon in their gorgeous presence?

Challenge 2: Create a dating profile for one character. This can be as short as a one sentence bio and a photo or as long and verbose as you wish it to be.

Week 15 Challenges (December 19 - January 3)

Challenge 1: Blog about your favorite episode this season, or create an image set based on it.

Challenge 2: Participate in our Twitter chat! We're changing up the time this week to 2:30pm EST tomorrow, Tuesday the 20th. Look for @SerialBoxPub and #Tremontaine. See you there!

Week 16 Challenges (January 3 - January 9)

Challenge 1: Would you rather be a Swords-person or a scholar? Discuss!

Challenge 2: What social media sites would the characters use? Feel free to either write a post describing their habits, or create a post/tweet/image as if you were one of them.

Week 17 Challenges (January 9 - January 16)

Challenge 1: the women of Tremontaine are passionate, powerful, and driven. Write a blog piece discussing your favorite one and why.

Challenge 2: go shopping for a character! Will you buy Vincent a dashing new coat? How about some flowers for Esha? This challenge can be visual or written.

These challenges can be posted to Facebook (just let us know that it's okay to share on our page), tumblr, or your personal blog. Please tag everything with #TremonTEAM

If you ever want to do a challenge but not post it yourself (for example, you want to participate in a photo challenge, but you don’t have an instagram account), just email it to us, and we’d be happy to share it on our own site!

Thanks again for joining and reach out at any time.

Cheers to House Tremontaine!

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