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Tremontaine lovers rejoice - Whitehall is here to please

Are you a fan of Tremontaine? Have you checked out our historical serial Whitehall yet? We’ve got five reasons why you’d love it!

  1. Badass ladies.

Diane, Duchess Tremontaine might have met her match in scheming, brilliant Barbara, the mistress to the King. Barbara uses her seductive powers like a weapon to achieve anything she wants, especially making the young Queen miserable. These ladies know how to dress, how to flirt, and how to slay.

  1. The lush, beautiful (and dangerous!) settings

From Riverside to the lush Hill manors, Tremontaine’s world is richly painted. Whitehall, too, features exciting settings, and although these ones are “real” they are also mysterious. Almost all of Whitehall palace burned down at the end of the 17th century, meaning there are no photos of this majestic, massive palace. (Check out Whitehall author Sarah Smith's recent post on the allure of Palace Porn!)

  1. Talented writers

Just like Tremontaine, Whitehall is written by an all-star group of writers, including Liz Duffy Adams, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Delia Sherman…. Who you might recognize as the co-author of The Fall of Kings, set in the same world as Tremontaine!


Both works feature women in societies that don’t always value their power and contributions. However, these ladies refuse to be swayed by the patriarchy! Whether it’s Kaab dueling her way through Riverside or Catherine quietly influencing her husband, the King, these ladies know how to get things done!

  1. A totally immersive, addictive format

If you’re familiar with Tremontaine, you know you can rely on Serial Box to deliver new episodes of a thrilling tale, every week. Our episodic nature makes it easy to discuss with friends and our app lets you carry our serials in your pocket where ever you go. Our easy-audio-flipping also means you can move from reading to listening at the drop of a hat. If you haven’t heard of us, give us a try!

The Complete First Season of Whitehall is currently available at SerialBox.com, in our Serial Box app, and at your favorite eBook retailer.


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