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Sparkle Kitty and Creation Myths - Make your Monday Epic

Smile! And stand by for belly scratches - it's Dug (of Disney's Up) in real life!Need something interesting to impress your friends and dinner guests? Read this fascinating article about a scientist that tracked the movement and evolution of ancient myths across continents!Need help studying for that English Lit final? (Or just looking for a laugh..) Check out 15 Shakespeare Plays Summed up in One Gif! Here's a taste - Romeo and Juliet:

There are few things we hold sacred in this world, but writing advice from The Last Unicorn creator Peter S. Beagle is one of them. An oldie, but a goodie.Only thing better than comic cons? The roundups! Get the scoop on everything that happened at New York Comic Con - without having to warp into hyper drive.Filed under: "Well this is Fascinating" Now You See It highlights the geometry used in shots to show you how movies use shapes to manipulate your feelings.

Halloween is just a few weeks away - what are you going to be?? If you're still considering, may we suggest any of these 19 Badass Feminist Halloween Costumes.This one time a ceramics artist met a 3D printer and sweet, sweet, beauty was made with clay and robots.

Don't go through that door! Atlas Obscura took us on a tour of all the gateways to hell with their guide to the 11 Hidden Entrances to the Underworld.What this world needs now: Sparkle Kitty.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXspc699el0[/embed]

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