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13 Podcasts to Help You Level Up Your Writing Game

Looking for a writing master class, advice on writing from the top authors in the world, or a lively conversation about books, but don’t want to leave your house (or break the bank)? We’ve gathered 13 of our favorite writing and literary podcasts to give that writer's block a serious run for its money.

Breaking the Glass Slipper“An intelligent must-listen podcast exploring genre’s attitude to women.”Hosted by British dream team pop culture commentator Megan Leigh, fantasy author Lucy Hounsom, and horror writer/romance editor Charlotte Bond, Breaking the Glass Slipper discusses trends and attitudes toward women in the speculative fiction genres of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Some episodes you’ll get the hosts in a lively debate amongst themselves while other episodes they add in guests to the discussion. There are also deep dive interview episodes like “Magic, Wealth and Power with Vic James” or “Layers and landscapes with Aliya Whiteley.” The BtGS discussions span books, movies, TV, and games. And if all that wasn’t enough to sell you, BtGShas been shortlisted for the British Fantasy Awards and nominated for a Hugo Award!Frequency: Every two weeksEpisode length: 45-60 minutesStarted: 2016

I Should Be WritingHosted by the award-winning author, podcaster, and Serial Box author Mur Lafferty , I Should Be Writing focuses on “the emotional road blocks one finds in a writing career.” Lafferty brings empathy and humanity to the struggles of writing and gives aspiring writers the knowledge that they’re not alone in this. ISBW is perfect for writers who need to push through self-doubt and focus on their art.Frequency: Once to twice a month.Episode length: Anywhere from 10 to 90 minutesStarted: 2005

Ditch DiggersCan’t get enough of Mur Lafferty? Neither can we. Aren’t we lucky that she has another podcast for us to binge and cherish? The 2017 Hugo Award for Best Fancast winning Ditch Diggers adds writer Matt Wallace into the mix as co-host and focuses on “the business of writing when the craft is not as important as the deadline.” While ISBW is more about the art of writing, Ditch Diggers gets you to and through that writing deadline. No writer's block allowed.Frequency: Once to twice a month.Episode length: Anywhere from 20 to 90 minutesStarted: 2014

Get to Work HurleyHosted by award-winning author Kameron Hurley (The Stars Are Legion), Get to Work Hurley discusses not only the craft of writing but also the business of writing as a career. As Hurley puts it: “Whether you're a novelist, copywriter, screenwriter, game writer, or chronic content marketer, there's sure to be some profane wisdom here for you.” You had us at "profane wisdom".Frequency: MonthlyEpisode length: 35-50 minutesStarted: 2017

Author StoriesThe Author Stories Podcast is an interview show hosted by author Hank Garner (Bloom). These author interviews get to the meat of what makes “creative people tick.” From Diana Gabaldon(Outlander series) to Sarah St. Vincent(Ways to Hide in Winter), ASP has a mix of authors from all genres. If you want to hear the “story behind the story,” then this podcast is for you.Frequency: Several episodes released per week.Episode length: Anywhere from 30 to 75 minutesStarted: 2014

Shipping & HandlingIf you want the inside scoop behind the publishing business, plus general hilarity, then Shipping & Handling is the ticket. Hosted by Bridget Smith of Dunham Literary Inc.and Jennifer Udden of Barry Goldblatt Literary LLC, the podcast keeps listeners up to date on the goings on in the publishing world while also giving useful tips for writers at any stage in their careers. Smith and Udden make learning about publishing delightful and enjoyable.Frequency: Once to twice a month.Episode length: Anywhere from 30 to 90 minutesStarted: 2013

Writing ExcusesWriting Excuses is a podcast hosted by writers for writers of all types and genres to become better at their craft. The original creators and hosts of the show, Brandon Sanderson (Steelheart),Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary), and Dan Wells (I Am Not a Serial Killer) are still going strong with co-host and Serial Box author Mary Robinette Kowal. Guest hosts include Serial Box authors Margaret Dunlap (Bookburners), Amal El-Mohtar (Bookburners), and Mary Anne Mohanraj (Tremontaine). Other guest hosts include Mahtab Narsimhan (Mission Mumbai), Wesley Chu (The Lives of Tao), Piper J. Drake (Fierce Justice), Maurice Broaddus (The Voices of Martyrs), and Valynne E. Maetani (Ink and Ashes). With so many experts on writing in one podcast, there is something for every writer out there.Frequency: WeeklyEpisode length: Anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes, though their tagline is “Fifteen minutes long because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.”Started: 2008

The Once & Future PodcastHosted by Anton Strout, the Once & Future Podcast features casual interviews with sci-fi and fantasy authors about not only their books but also their writing and other interests. From the first episode “Paperback Dolls, Jackie Kessler, Charlaine Harris” to episode 128 “Gen Con 2016 Live Megacast w/ Robin Hobb & Mur Lafferty” to episode 191 “Django Wexler,” O&FP is, as Strout puts it, “just a couple authors chatting about the pursuit of their nerdy little passions.”Frequency: WeeklyEpisode length: Anywhere from 50 to 90 minutesStarted: 2014

Writer, Writer, Pants On FireHosted by author Mindy McGinnis (A Madness So Discreet), Writer Writer, Pants On Fire focuses on writing and the publishing industry through author interviews. McGinnis offers practical advice to writers who are new to the business while giving encouragement to writers at any stage in their careers.Frequency: WeeklyEpisode length: Anywhere from 10 to 45 minutesStarted: 2017

Odyssey Writing Workshop PodcastThe Odyssey Writing Workshop is considered the most intensive writing experience developing writers can have. Focusing on fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, the workshop has the top authors in the world lecture, workshop, and critique the work of the writers in attendance. And now, excerpts from those lectures are available to everyone. Learn from N. K. Jemisin (The Fifth Season), George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones), or even Serial Box author Delia Sherman (Whitehall), to name a few, without leaving your desk!Frequency: Once a month to every other month.Episode length: 10-25 minutesStarted: 2007

Reading and Writing PodcastIf you want to hear writer interviews with a great host, try this one. Jeff Rutherford interviews a wide range of authors, posing questions about their writing process, advice to aspiring writers, and what they’re reading.Frequency: WeeklyEpisode length: Anywhere from 10 to 40 minutesStarted: 2009

The Worried Writer PodcastHosted by writer Sarah Painter (The Language of Spells), the Worried Writer Podcast offers advice to writers to help them overcome self-doubt and procrastination in their writing lives. Painter interviews authors about their creative process and what tips they have for aspiring writers. If you have a fear of failure but need to get the job done, then this podcast is for you.Frequency: MonthlyEpisode length: Anywhere from 30 to 60 minutesStarted: 2015

The Writer’s Digest PodcastThe Writer’s Digest Podcast provides in-depth interviews of authors and industry experts with host Gabriela Pereira. From episodes like “Jeff & Ann VanderMeer on Anthologies, the Genre Fiction Divide, and Deep Reading” to “The Art of the Graphic Memoir,” this podcast will “ignite your creative vision.”Frequency: MonthlyEpisode length: 40-55 minutesStarted: 2018

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