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A Successful Return | New episodes out this week

In Silverwood: The Door, a choir of violent delights is ringing through the trees. In Bullet Catcher, it's another day for revenge. 1776: The World Turned Upside Down, delves into November. In Tremontaine, back from hiatus, Kaab gets her revenge. Plus, a new micro story is published for Microfiction Monday!

Silverwood Season 1

How does a nice week in the woods sound? Like screaming. It sounds like screaming.Ever since the old Silverwood Electrical & Engineering labs shut down, the site, surrounded by trees on a quiet mountain, has been a peaceful refuge for campers of all kinds. But soon after a ragtag troop of scouts and a bus full of corporate drones arrive for a week of roughing it, the forest turns against them.There’s a strange pollen in the air that is making everyone agitated. Violent, even. There’s a creepy girl with a teddy bear. A giant, monstrous teddy bear. And there’s a malevolent force beneath the dirt, desperate to open a door between dimensions and return home. All it needs is blood.Welcome to Silverwood, campers.

Episode 7: Family Matters by Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason (The Sisters of Slaughter)

Amid all the screaming and blood in the forest around the abandoned Silverwood Electrical and Engineering site, there is a little girl having a tea party with her new mommy and her giant, deformed, murderous teddy bear. Kristina is long dead, but she just wants a family. And she's not going to let anyone -- or anything -- keep that from happening.What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments or review it on Goodreads.

Tremontaine Season 4

Welcome to Tremontaine, where ambition, love affairs, and rivalries dance with deadly results. A Duchess whose beauty is matched only by her cunning; a handsome young scholar with more passion than sense; a foreigner in a playground of swordplay and secrets; and a mathematical genius whose discoveries herald revolution when games of politics begin, no one is safe. Keep your wit as sharp as your steel in this world where politics is everything, and outcasts are the tastemakers.

Episode 8: A City in Crisis by Karen Lord

In the wake of disaster, Rafe, Reza, and Esha organize relief efforts. Kaab takes advantage of the chaos to tie up loose ends. Basil Halliday rises to the occasion. Diane and Octavian consider new opportunities.What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments or review it on Goodreads.

1776: The World Turned Upside Down

Who were the farmers and accountants, high-school dropouts and part-time soldiers, successful merchants and failed corset makers, who fought against the British empire for American Independence? Find out in 1776: The World Turned Upside Down, which explores their lives and tells the story of the American Revolution in an informal, playful way.While the fighting continued, the women of the colonies persisted in running businesses and farms, literally keeping the home fires burning and producing children.Subscribe to 1776: The World Turned Upside Down for a month-by-month account of the story behind the American Revolution. Read or listen to Episode 1: January for free!

Bullet Catcher

In the desert, you can bend. You can splinter. But you can't break. Not if you want to be free.Immaculada Amaya Moreno has no kind of life in no kind of town. Her parents are dead, her brother probably is too. When a stranger arrives, a stranger who can bend bullets to his will, she figures she has nothing to lose. So like a cobalt shadow cast in the sand, she follows him into the wastes. She's hoping to find answers, purpose, maybe even some kind of life. What she finds will change not only her life, but her whole world.

Episode 5: Bruises by Joaquin Lowe

The Bullet Catcher's killing of a Gunslinger in Los Cazadores leaves him and Imma a choice: run, or go straight at Bullet, who is sure to want revenge for what they did. For Imma, it is no choice at all. She has revenge on her mind too, revenge on the man who killed her brother, the only family she had. They set off into the desert for The Bruise, where the dead man told them they'd find Bullet. Things turn very violent, very fast, and in the blood Imma finds something better, and worse, than revenge—she finds the truth.If you haven't read episode one, you can read it for free now!What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments or review it on Goodreads.

Microfiction Mondays

This week's Microfiction Monday featured a micro story by False Idols' Lisa Klink. Remember to turn your Serial Box push notifications on to get new micro fiction on Mondays at 3pm EST! Learn more here.

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