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The Kentucky Derby and a season finale | New episodes out this week!

In Dead Air, Mackenzie heads to the Kentucky Derby. For research, of course. And in the season finale of Bookburners, the Engströms’ final play for power has deadly consequences. Plus, a new micro story is published for Microfiction Monday!

Bookburners Season 4

Everything in the Bookburners’ lives falls into two categories: Before London and After London. Before London, things were strange, sure, but After London . . . “strange” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Magic is everywhere—and the Bookburners can only be in one place at a time.Haven't started Bookburners yet? Join the adventure and read the first episode of Season 1 for free!

Episode 10: Alexandria Leaving by Max Gladstone

Still reeling from the battle at the Vatican, the Bookburners head to Alexandria for a final face-off with the Engströms. The Swedish family has been gathering power, preparing for this attack, and the team searches for a way to counteract their magic. They’ll need all their resources . . . including ones they were planning on saving for later.What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments or write a review on Goodreads.

Dead Air

Mackenzie Walker wasn’t planning on using her college radio show to solve a decades-old murder, but then she receives an anonymous tip that the wrong man may have taken the fall.Read or listen to weekly ebook and audio episodes of the serial novel Dead Air and then check out Mackenzie’s podcast for a uniquely immersive experience. Does the truth lie in the serial, the podcast . . . or somewhere in-between?

Episode 3: Breakdown by Rachel Caine

Mackenzie Walker's first stab at solving the already-solved murder of Peg Graham has fallen flat, with the discovery that the husband's alibi is solid. Too bad she already cast suspicion on him on her college radio show. She needs to regroup, and that means more digging. She talks to the now-retired detective who investigated the case, and who turns out to be less than helpful. A dive into old press about Peg at the library is so engrossing she is almost late for her totally not a date to the Kentucky Derby with Ryan. Mackenzie’s investigation seems to have caught the attention of someone powerful, with serious repercussions for her and the future of Dead Air.If you haven't read episode one, you can read it for free now!What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments or review it on Goodreads.

Dead Air Podcast cover

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Microfiction Mondays

This week's Microfiction Monday featured a micro story by Bookburners author Brian Francis Slattery. Remember to turn your Serial Box push notifications on to get new micro fiction on Mondays at 3pm EST! Learn more here.

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