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In Tremontaine, Diane moves to take control of the bridge project. In Dead Air, the danger is mounting, but Mackenzie can't stop now. Plus, a new micro story is published for Microfiction Monday!

Tremontaine Season 4

Welcome to Tremontaine, where ambition, love affairs, and rivalries dance with deadly results. A Duchess whose beauty is matched only by her cunning; a handsome young scholar with more passion than sense; a foreigner in a playground of swordplay and secrets; and a mathematical genius whose discoveries herald revolution when games of politics begin, no one is safe. Keep your wit as sharp as your steel in this world where politics is everything, and outcasts are the tastemakers.

Episode 2: What Goes Up by Liz Duffy Adams and Joel Derfner

Diane seeks to placate the bridge designer in charge of the river project, turning it further to her advantage. Kaab’s family continues to obsess on her future marriage. Reza saves Rafe from an unwelcome surprise. As the rains continue, Micah worries about her family.

Dead Air

Mackenzie Walker wasn’t planning on using her college radio show to solve a decades-old murder, but then she receives an anonymous tip that the wrong man may have taken the fall.Read or listen to weekly ebook and audio episodes of the serial novel Dead Air and then check out Mackenzie’s podcast for a uniquely immersive experience. Does the truth lie in the serial, the podcast . . . or somewhere in-between?

Episode 7: The Angel's Share by Gwenda Bond

Mackenzie trip to visit Brandon in prison takes a terrible turn. And there's a secret society that probably wants her dead. But Mackenzie isn't stopping now. She's going to infiltrate the Order of St. Franklin and find out what they’re really capable of. When Mackenzie comes face to face with Ryan she has to decide—can she trust him? can she trust anyone? Is it worth risking her life?If you haven't read episode one, you can read it for free now!What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments or review it on Goodreads.

Dead Air Podcast cover

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Microfiction Mondays

This week's Microfiction Monday featured a micro story by Bookburners author Brian Francis Slattery. Remember to turn your Serial Box push notifications on to get new micro fiction on Mondays at 3pm EST! Learn more here.

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