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It's Monday and all we want is to know what your Patronus is

You have feels. We have feels. Everybody has feels. Writing about those feels is a good thing in this Science of Os piece from NY Mag.Watching the US Presidential debate tonight and of legal drinking age? You need the Skimm's Presidential Drinking Game.We've been spotting some really awesome web comics lately - amongst them:Beauty and the Beast by Megan Kearney - a complex and darkly beautiful retelling of the classic fairy tale.


Shattered Starlight by Nicole Chartrand - the kickass adventures a woman with magic powers...who still has to have a day dob.


After binge watching Kimmy Schmidt and moving right into Holy Hell - we've got cults on the mind this week. Fortunately the B&N SFF Blog has us covered with 6 Novels about Freaky Cults.Do you follow @BroodingYAHero? Get on it! This hilarious satire account turns the mirror on YA tropes and the brain behind it (Serial Box's own Social Media Intern Carrie) is doing an AMA on Reddit today. Go Forth and Ask Anything!Things that are awesome = "Amplification" and a proven way women can support each other in the work place.RIP Arnold Palmer - the OG of combining delicious beverage flavors into a refreshing summer pick me up.Have you determined your Patronus yet?? We got an Ocicat and have been positively purring ever since. (via Pottermore)


The day we don't "oooh" in awe over really good time lapse videos of the stars is the day we're dead inside.https://vimeo.com/180637962

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