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Your Monday needs Disney Princess Space Marines

Things we are in love with: These illustrations of Disney Princess as badass blood-spattered space marines by Emre C. Deniz. Yass, Queen. Yass.


Secret messages are everywhere! Even (especially?) on arcade bags from SEGA.Ancient Egyptian works - coming to a bookstore near you! (Just don't read them aloud, whatever you do. Never forget what happened in The Mummy...)Did you live through the 90s? Then you probable have some feels about The Babysitter's Club. Get your nostalgia on with Scholastic's Editorial Director and celebrate the series' 30th anniversary!It's fall! Which means it's almost time for our favorite Halloween movie - so better brush up on the history![embed]https://vimeo.com/180025799[/embed]Don't you wish we could get this election over with? Well, help soothe some of that very understandable anxiety (or make it worse, we don't really know yet) with this handy state-by-state election predictor.Behold the Codex Silenda: The Book of Puzzles. ...but can it be trusted? We vote for a Bookburners safety assessment first.


Want to read a lot of data about how you are totally eating bananas the wrong way like a dang fool? OF COURSE YOU DO. #CallInTheBananaExperts

There are so many amazing Fiction Podcasts out there today! Let Tor.com give you some help navigating the SFF options.

Check out our trailer for ReMade! The Young Adult sci-fi thriller launching Wednesday from Serial Box -


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