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Melissa Blue on Writing Geek Actually Episode 5 "Beware of Rage Bait"

If you’ve never rage-quit a game, then you don’t know what it means to be alive. The rage is never out of the blue. You’re fighting a boss or trying to complete a quest, but everything is stacked against you. You might even take a gander at some walkthroughs because something has got to give. After a short forever, you’ve almost did it. The pain is almost a memory.But, no, you die again. Or fail. You walk away and swear to never get sucked into a game so deep you feel actual rage.This is where Taneesha stands. Except the game is her at work. Her life in general. Up until this point, Taneesha has taken the crap thrown at her in stride. She is the quintessential strong black woman who doesn’t want to be labeled as an angry black woman. But she has a breaking point. She gives into the rage—gleefully.I loved being able to get back at the bad guys through fiction, through gaming. I got to show, once again, Taneesha’s relationship with her brother. And for a little while, my heroine got to win. A black woman was allowed to be angry, justifiably so.Out of all the episodes I wrote this one is my favorite.

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