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Melissa Blue on Writing Geek Actually Episode 11 "It's Not Me, It's You"

Out of all the episodes I had to write, this one is hand’s down my favorite. Taneesha, the only black woman, ended up taking the hardest hits. Like in life as it is in fiction. She was the character who had to do a lot of heavy lifting dealing not just with misogyny in the workplace and world, but racism. My personal goal in every episode I had to write was to portray Taneesha as more than her burdens. Her anger had a reason. Her love for her brother was deep. Her vulnerabilities were on full display because black women are more than strength in the face of hero.That is catnip to this romance writer.I had a heroine who so totally deserved an HEA. I had a hero who needed to do some groveling through glass. So I wrote my little romance heart out.The world is rarely fair. This episode let me imagine how I would make it so. The virgin hero was just the icing on the cake.

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