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Margaret Dunlap on writing Bookburners S3E7: "Cracks in the World"

In index card form, the episode 7 logline was: “The Halls of Amazon Run Red with Blood.” And well, who wouldn’t want to write that?However, those of you who have read the episode will have noticed the distinct lack of blood in the halls. Or of Amazon, for that matter. That’s because by the time we knew what we were doing in episode six, it was clear that the midpoint of the season was more about our characters and less about the creepiness of the week.(And frankly, after diving into everyone’s memories, there wasn’t room for many physical world locations. Which does make me a little sad. Writing the Polly Mnemonic team was a lot of fun.)While my last episode this season was “two kaiju at once” this one might be accurately described as “four kaiju in succession,” as the team confronts traumas from each of their pasts. This forces Menchú into the big reveal: telling the others about Hannah.However—in the end—it might be Liam who goes through the most significant journey in the course of the episode.Last season, Liam got his memories of the time he spent possessed and working with the Network back. The amorphous guilt he’s lived with since we’ve known him has now been given form. It felt like the resolution of that part of his story, until the writers all sat down and realized: now that he knows, he’s going to have to deal with it…right?Enter episode 8…

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