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It's the Last Episode of Geek Actually Season 1!

Our latest serial, Geek Actually, has been running since June 7th and this week was the final episode of season 1. We'll miss you Rebel Scum...

But, before you get too sad about parting ways with your new BFFs, the whole season is now available to binge! Why not grab your favorite people and read (or re-read) together?

If you haven't tried Geek Actually yet, it is our sexy, genre-busting serial about a group of 5 diverse, nerdy, female best friends. We started out wanting to create something like Sex and the City with geeky women of color (who also aren't all straight) and it's turned into a really smart no-holds-barred portrait of modern friendship, feminism, and fandom. But don't take our word for it, check out what i09, Black Girl Nerds,, and Den of Geek had to say!

As Sex and the City was in large part a love letter to New York City, Geek Actually is a love letter to the online space and the relationships that can exist because of it. In today's contentious environment of politics, natural disasters, and general 21st-century terribleness, it only makes sense to keep in touch with close friends from all over. When we thought about updating Sex and the City we realized that it's not about fancy Manhattan cocktail bars, it's about your group texts, Instagram DMs, and Facebook messages. The women of Geek Actually show that long-distance love in action.

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