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We're Celebrating the Power of Female Friendship with a Giveaway!

We've been waiting for Arya and Sansa to reconnect on Game of Thrones since the end of season 1, and now they have we're finding it almost as stressful as Bronn wielding that ballista. There are few relationships as complex as those of sisters—they're built from a delicate balance of love, loyalty, jealousy, secrets, and if you're a Stark sister potentially fatal betrayal.

Female relationships are the building blocks of some of our all time favorite fiction—whether they're sisters, besties, or frenemies it's a dynamic that never fails to be compelling. And it's one of the things we love most about our series Geek Actually. The series follows five friends who live in different cities around the US and Canada and stay in touch via their Slack channel #rebelscum. Their friendships are fiercely loving, full of laughter and shared geekery, plus plenty of difficult dynamics too. But at the end of the day, when the shit hits the fan they know they can count on each other.

To celebrate Geek Actually and the power of female friendships we're discussing our favorite literary gal pals on Twitter and Facebook. Let us know your favorite fictional BFFs and you could win two free season passes to Geek Actually Season 1 for you and your real life bestie. Winners will be chosen this Friday 8/18.

Mophie 4EVA

"Geek Actually isn't just Sex In The City for nerds, it's a tribute to real friendship"—i09

"After I listen to each episode I'm constantly wishing I had this awesome and eclectic group of friends!"—Book Crushin'

"This series of novellas about a group of geeky friends is ludicrously cute. I love all the characters and wish they were real so we could hang out."—Kirsty Logan, author of The Gracekeepers

"You're gonna want to make room in your life for these five friends. Trust me."— Lisa Caskey, author of The Farmed

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